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Distance from downtown Buenos Aires: 15 blocks (1 mile), East.

A well known, very easy to walk and productive urban wildlife refugee. Birding starts even before entering the reserve in parks with tall, shady, tipa trees, araucarias, poplars. The reserve lies over the coast of Río de la Plata, although few birds here.

Waterfowl is the highlight. After massive removal of vegetation and refill of water of the 2 km long (+1 mile) lagoon alongside the public sidewalk, waterfowl is back after years of missing it. Three species of Coots, 2 Gallinules, Gay Necked Wood Rail, several species of ducks (teals, tree ducks, pochard), Coscoroba and Black necked Swan, jacana, herons and also water passerines like Blackbirds, Rushbird, even the scarce Many Colored Rush Tyrant, Sooty Tyrannulet, etc. Also Roadisde and Bay Winged Hawks, parrots, Picazuro Pigeon, etc. Other fauna, such as lizards, cavies, water turtles or coypus can be seen.

NOTE: Open 8 AM to 6 PM. Closes on Mondays and some holidays (Christmas, New Year), on election days (always on Sundays) and sometimes after strong rains.

Very close to downtown, it’s easy to do it on one’s own. Safe during daylight.

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