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Distance from downtown Buenos Aires: 160 km (100 miles) North.

Less than 2 hours north of Buenos Aires you get to this typical cattle raising area, undeveloped, open, with diverse habitats and a very rich birdlife. Mostly a savanna with scattered thorny (Acacia type) trees and patches of humid grassland, reedbeds and riverside forest. Miles of dirt roads allow easy birding, alternating walking and driving, and also spotting birds from the car.

The area is markedly “birdy” with abundant individuals and good levels of activity even in midday and every season.

BIRDS: Raptors, herons and storks, woodpeckers and many species of passerines, like furnariids, tyrants, finches and blackbirds among a lot more birds.

Whistling Heron, Savanna Hawk, Snail Kite, Maguari Stork, Southern Screamer, Yellow Billed, Ringed and Brazilian Teal, White Fronted Woodpecker, Scimitar Billed Woodcreeper, Brown Cacholote, Small Billed Canastero, Tufted Tit Spinetail, Chotoy Spinteail , White Monjita, Yellow Browed Tyrant, Suiriri Flycatcher, White Crested Tyrannulet, Grassland Yellow Finch, Golden Billed Saltator, Red Crested Cardinal, Sayaca Tanager, Chestnut Capped Blackbird, etc.

Spring/summer: several swallows and martins, Fork Tailed, Vermilion and Crowned Slaty Flycatcher, Tropical Kingbird.

Recommended lodging: staying at Posada San Isidro optimizes use of time.

SHORTER OPTION: 9 hours, Southern Entre Rios get the most of this great area travelling a bit less

2-DAYS OPTION: the relaxed way to do it, with overnight at a cozy farm lodge in Gualeguaychú, adding stops at Perdices and other locations. Distance from downtown Buenos Aires: 220 km (140 miles) North.

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